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While my journey through engagement has ended (and a whole new adventure begins) I invite you to stay connected by following my fortnightly column titled Foolish Wisdom. Foolish Wisdom takes an alternative look at various issues around news and culture. Hope to see you there. God Bless! Bernard.

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  1. Larry & Colleen

    Bernard & Jane,

    This has been wonderful journy of a Catholic couple. KEEP IT GOING! By slight change of the name to “Proposal to Marriage and beyond” you could share the ongoing life of a couple. From the 1st months of sharing the home together (how well did the prepartion meetings / education match reality??, to how the combining of lives in the many ways occurs – the many challenges and outcomes with yoru special knack of including your spiritual considerations.

    Go for it. The world needs your special way of communicating. Young and old can gain from your story.

    God bless,
    Larry & Colleen
    2013FB21 10:45 Sydney


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